Finnish Craft & Design

Finnish Craft & Design

The most anticipated crafts and design event of the year

The Finnish Craft & Design fair is the largest handicrafts and applied arts industry fair in Europe. The fair takes place on November 15–17th, 2024 in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre.

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Products and materials for hobbyists and design loversFind inspiration and treasures

This exquisite event of the craft and design field cherishes Finnish skills and know-how. Hobbyists and professionals of crafts come together in this event that brings much needed light and joy in the middle of the November gray.

This is the place to find the spark for your own crafts, learn and find unique presents to put under the Christmas tree.

The 2023 event gathered almost 42,000 visitors and over 700 exhibitors.

Exhibitors 2024

Ready made products
Fashion show at Finnish Craft & Design
Craft and Design gifts
Christmas presents

Finnish Craft & Design is held in Tampere Exhibition and Sports CenterFinnish top quality and love for crafts

Finnish Craft & Design is the place to meet others who love crafts and to do shopping from hundreds of exhibitors. This unique mall is open only three days a year!

There will be new products and services, new innovative materials and ideas for hobbyists, exhibitions, workshops, fashion shows, presentations and top performers!