Finnish Craft & Design



Stand options:


Stand 4 m²

Row stand: 400,00 €

Corner stand: 440,00 €

Walls, Carpet, Facia (without text)



Stand 6 m²

Row stand: 600,00 €

Corner stand: 660,00 €

Walls, Carpet, Facia (without text)



Stand 8 m²

Row stand: 800,00 €

Corner stand: 880,00 €

Walls, Carpet, Facia (without text)



Stand 10 m²

Row stand: 1000,00 €

Corner stand: 1100,00 €

Walls, Carpet, Facia (without text)



Stand 12 m²

Row stand: 1200,00 €

Corner stand: 1320,00 €

Walls, Carpet, Facia (without text)



Stand 16 m²

Row stand: 1600,00€

Corner stand: 1760,00 €

Walls, Carpet, Facia (without text)



Larger than  16 m²

Row stand: 100,00 € / m²

Corner stand: 110,00 € / m²

Walls, Carpet, Facia (without text)


Table Space

3 meters 482,00 €

1,5 meters 241,00 €

A- and C-hall

Table and Rear Wall – NOTE! 1,5 m table is split with other exhibitor



All prices on this page are VAT 0 %

Outdoor area

  • 51 € / m²
  • Includes only the exhibition place


  • Pricing for Deli is same than for normal stand
  • Size options: XS – 4 m², S – 6 m², M – 8 m², L – 10 m ², XL – 12 m²

Table spaces

  • Includes only table and rear wall
  • Sale allowed only on the table
  • Table size: depth 120 cm width: 300 cm
  • Half table (1,5 m) is split with other exhibitor

Other fees

  • Registration Fee 90,00 € (only in orders placed after 31st of August 2024)
  • Co-exhibitor Fee 90,00 € (only in forms sent after 31st of August 2024)

Electricity and lighting

  • 1 kW connection 64,00 €
  • 3 kW connection 114,00 €

Includes electricity for stand, socket, consumption and maintenance during the exhibition time.

  • Spot light (50W) 20,00 €/pcs
  • Octanorm-light (24W) 31,00 €/pcs

If you’d like the lights in specific place on your stand, please deliver filled schematics to our customer service.

Prices for outdoor stands + 30 %

Halls by product groups

A- and C-halls

Handicrafts and arts, ready-made products and craft materials


Deli area


Fashion & Design (clothing, hats, accessories, jewelry)

What does the price consist of?

The pricing of Tampere Fair stands is based on the required square footage, the location of the booth, the number of companies in the booth, and the number and size of structures to be ordered.

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee is a service fee with which the exhibitor receives the company’s information on the event’s exhibitor list both on the website and in the trade fair guide, the exhibitor’s right to use our information packages, and free admission tickets to distribute to customers.

What is the co-exhibitor fee?

The co-exhibitor’s fee is a service fee with which a company that is in another exhibitor’s stand is also entitled to the same services as the stands so-called main exhibitor.

What is a corner stand price increase?

The corner stand price increase is paid for those stands which, as their name suggests, are located in the corner of the block. Such a stand has two open walls compared to the so-called line stand.

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